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Pittsburg, CA

Polypropylene Pipe in Conventional Industrial Applications

Gibran Farrah, Northern California Manager

Sustainable Building Products

Aging Infrastructure Asset Evaluation Using Advanced Pipe Condition Assessment Technologies

Ankit Vajpayee, M.Sc., P.E.

Russell Group of Companies

Stray Current Corrosion

Mohammed Ali, P.E., Principal Engineer

JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc.

Deterioration of Wastewater Treatment and Collection System

Assets:  Knowing Where and How to Look

R.A. Nixon, Principal Consultant

Corrosion Probe, Inc.

Galvanize It!

Kevin Irving, Marketing Manager, Northern Operations

AZZ Galvanizing Services

Presentation Archive


New Technology and Tools for Remote Monitoring in Cathodic Protection Applications

Thomas Hughes, Director of Sales, Remote Monitoring

Elecsys Corporation