Internal Corrosion Management as it Applies to Upstream / Midstream Oil and Gas Production and Transmission

Craig Stuart, P.E.

Alisto Engineering Group

Viscous Elastic Coating and Sealants

John Glass, Vice President of Sales

Amcorr Products/VISCOTAQ

Managing Risk of Underground Utilities by Various Locating Techniques

Hector Dominguez

Exaro Technologies Corporation

Annual Christmas Party

Jifco Fabricated Piping Tour

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The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: Root Cause of Anchor Rod Cracking

Yun Chung

Materials Engineer (Retired from Bechtel)

Avoiding Environmental Disaster-Encapsulation of an Existing Asbestos Coating

Darrell Wagoner, Western Regional Technical Manager

The Trenton Corporation

Rehabilitation Coatings: The Secret To Successful Installation

Michael Fleury & Greg Gould

Carollo Engineers

Internal Replacement Solutions for Pressure Pipes and Force Mains

Eric Foster, Account Manager

NPA Construction

Toxins in Paints and Coatings - What Engineers Need To Know

Burt Olhiser

​Vantage Point Consulting