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Performance Requirements and Inspection of Coatings & Linings on Concrete in Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Jim Kunkle


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Coating Inspection: It's More Than Just Watching Paint Dry!

Patrick Sweeney, Project Manager

​CSI Services

Marine Corrosion and Fouling Management Overview

R. Johnny Eliasson

Chevron Shipping, San Ramon, CA

Induction Heating Technique for Cold Weather Pre-Heating and Post-Curing of Liquid Epoxy Coatings on Gas Pipeline Girth Welds

Bruce Wiskel, P.E.


Lefty O'Doul Bascule: Bridge Inspection Project

Sean Carey

JDH Corrosion

DCVG and ACVG Coating Surveys and Method Comparison

Paul Sedlet, P.E., President

Accurate Corrosion Control

Fitness-for-Service Evaluation and Risk Assessment of Multiple Buried Campus Utilities Using a Composite Data Approach

Robert Hanlon


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