Case Study:   Viscous Elastic Coatings for Protecting Bell & pigot       Water Lines from Crude Oil Exposure

John Glass


Concrete Preparation & Repair – Foundation for Strong Performance 

Stephen Streich

International Paint

Worldwide Development of Degradation Resistant Nuclear Materials Triggered by the Fukushima Nuclear Accident 

Raul B. Rebak

GE Global Research Center

Condition Assessment of Large Diameter Cast Iron Outfall Pipes Under Piers 33 & 35 in the San Francisco Bay

Darby Howard

JDH Corrosion Consultants

Case Study:   Insulaive Coatings - Fit for Purpose 

​Arin Shahmoradian

SPI Coatings

Presentation Archive


Ice Pigging - RESCHEDULED TO 2020

Paul Treloar

Suez Advanced Solutions

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection at the East Bay Municipal Utility District

Keith Packard, PE


2019 NACE San Francisco Chapter Annual Picnic.

2019 Annual Holiday Party

The Inspection World - What's Really Involved?

Billy Campbell

Billy Campbell Technical Servies (BCTS)