Induction Heating Technique for Cold Weather Pre-Heating and Post-Curing of Liquid Epoxy Coatings on Gas Pipeline Girth Welds

Bruce Wiskel, P.E.


DCVG and ACVG Coating Surveys and Method Comparison

Paul Sedlet, P.E., President

Accurate Corrosion Control

NACE San Francisco Section

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Fitness-for-Service Evaluation and Risk Assessment of Multiple Buried Campus Utilities Using a Composite Data Approach

Robert Hanlon


Marine Corrosion and Fouling Management Overview

R. Johnny Eliasson

Chevron Shipping, San Ramon, CA

Lefty O'Doul Bascule: Bridge Inspection Project

Sean Carey

JDH Corrosion

Performance Requirements and Inspection of Coatings & Linings on Concrete in Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Jim Kunkle


Coating Inspection: It's More Than Just Watching Paint Dry!

Patrick Sweeney, Project Manager

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